In this section, we bring you up to date information on the world's weather and ecological news items.  You may want to further your research by taking note of things which affect the environment and their impact on the world's weather.  The earth's eco-systems  are both complex and delicate, and are forever changed by any invasive interaction we have with them.  The cityscape you now inhabit was once a biome, and day after day, the effects of global warming become more severe... Luckily, more and more people are conscious of the environment, but it will still take a greater effort on our part, if we are to save this planet.

NASA for Weather Movies
Features a series clips of weather phenomena as seen from space.  Fascinating stuff.

Features an Interactive World weather Map you can click.  Find out what's going on in any part of the world in a flash. 

U.S. Weather Map with detailed information and current weather watch and warning services.


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