Essential Reading

What Is a Biome? (Science of Living Things)
by Bobbie Kalman; Paperback

First Reports - Biomes : Coral Reefs, Deserts, Grasslands, Mountains, Oceans, Rain Forests, Tundra, Wetlands (First Reports Series)
by Susan H. Gray, Shirley W. Gray (School & Library Binding - September 2000)

Taiga (Biomes of the World)
by Elizabeth Kaplan (Library Binding - December 1996)

Chaparral (Biomes of the World)
by Edward R. Ricciuti, Edward R. Riccitu (Library Binding - December 1996)

Neotropical Rainforest Mammals : A Field Guide
by Louise H. Emmons, Francois Feer(Illustrator) (Paperback - August 1997)

River and Stream (Exploring Earth's Biomes)
by April Pulley Sayre (Library Binding - April 1996)

Our Natural Homes : Exploring Terrestrial Biomes of North and South America (Our Perfect Planet)
by James M. Needham(Illustrator), Sneed B., III Collard (Paperback - August 1996) is a site covering 5 of the major world biomes.  What's a biome? Biomes are the various regions of our planet which can best be distinguished by their climate, fauna and flora. Scientists argue on the exact number, or different types of biomes in existence.  As it is with everything in nature, similar biomes of often exhibit unique qualities which set them apart, but are not enough to distinguish them completely from the others.  A rainforest may contain an area which would not be that dissimilar from a wetland, or a desert may contain an unusual number of plants and wildlife, but not enough to make it into a grassland

We will then attempt to provide you with various sub-divisions and examples of the 5 types of biomes we have chosen to cover, so that you may attain a better understanding of the relationships and features distinguishing one type of biome from another.  

We have included a news section, and a feedback page in order to set up an exchange of ideas, whether it be for a school project or to discuss environmental issues.

An FAQ section has also been added so that you can find more answers to your queries.

Due to the many requests we have received, we have also added a map of world biomes to our site, and we have added a link to more pictures on each biome page.

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Copyright 2001."

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